Pictures from the day Nazaré challenged human fear

January 29, 2013 | Surfing
Garrett Mcnamara and friends: resting and preparing for the Armageddon

Garrett McNamara and friends take a few minutes to rest and reflect on the experience of challenging Nature, at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal. Are there any limits to human fear?

Praia do Norte: perfect walls of war

A wave breaks towards the old castle and dreams rise. What is the feeling? How could you describe riding a 100-foot wave?

Nazaré: picking the best spot in the surf arena

The Garrett McNamara team is always careful and studies the best spot to catch the ultimate wave. There is no room for errors and experimentation.

Praia do Norte: tons of water closing out

Heavy, powerful and deadly. Surf fans gather to watch the fearless Hawaiian taking the biggest waves on Earth.

Nazaré: human versus Nature

Humans have brains. Nature has the power. Can they both get along?

Wipeout: jet skis could not battle the power of the elements

Motor power may not be enough to run away from the natural traps of the Atlantic Ocean. Praia do Norte has hidden secrets.

Nazaré: negotiating a clear exit

Riding a big wave and kicking out safely is the right way to happiness in the Nazaré canyon waves.