Punta de Lobos: the wolves will chase you | Photo: Escobar/Red Bull

The Quiksilver Ceremonial 2015 will get underway on April 30 in Punta de Lobos, Chile.

It's on. The World Surf League (WSL) has raised the green flag.

There's a projected 20-foot-plus swell heading towards the Chilean big wave break. And it's one of the biggest in a long time.

"The swell we've been tracking from Antarctica has intensified, and we've called the Quiksilver Ceremonial in Punta de Lobos on for a Thursday start," underlines Peter Mel, Big Wave Commissioner at WSL.

"We're very excited to kick off the 2015/2016 season in such style at an iconic venue with an incredibly competitive field."

The 24-man field for the Quiksilver Ceremonial in Punta de Lobos will be comprised of the top 10 in the Big Wave Tour, as well as six WSL wildcards, six event wildcards, and two qualifiers from the 2014/2015 season.

The 2015/2016 Big Wave Tour includes potential contests in Chile, Peru, Mainland Mexico, Baja California, Hawaii, the Basque Country, and the Pacific Northwest.

Makuakai Rothman is the 2014 defending champion.

Quiksilver Ceremonial 2015 | Invitees

Makuakai Rothman
Gabriel Villaran
Nic Lamb
Anthony Tashnick
Nathan Fletcher
Grant Baker
Natxo Gonzalez
Carlos Burle
Miguel Tudela
Kohl Christensen
Alex Gray
Josh Kerr
Damien Hobgood
Ramon Navarro
Marcos Monteiro
Mark Healey
Jamie Sterling
Mark Mathews
Christian Morello
Diego Medina
Fernando Zegers
Federico Mekis
Reinaldo Ibarra
Koa Rothman


Ben Wilkinson
Frank Solomon
Ken Collins
Will Skudin
Rafael Tapia

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