Quincy is getting barreled at only six years old

May 25, 2015 | Surfing
Quincy Symonds: getting barreled at six years of age

Her voice tells us her age. But her surfing skills are way beyond average. Meet Quincy Symonds, a young lady with a promising future in the waves.

Sean Slobodan, the director behind "Quincy," says "it's hard to put into words an experience like this. She deals with a lot of attention and somehow remains as normal a kid as can be."

Quincy wanted to follow his dad's footsteps. When Jake Symonds returned one day from Snapper Rocks, she said she was going surfing the next day.

"For Quincy to surf, for me it's an amazing thing because we're sharing something that is so special to me, and I firmly believe that it's every bit of special to her. The ocean is just her place," explains Quincy's father.

Rapidly, Quincy got special surfboards for her height and weight. And it is quite clear that she loves surfing. No one is forcing her to ride the waves; she's just pumped all the time, carving, cutting back and seeking the tube.

Quincy Symonds started surfing at the age of four. "The Flying Squirrel" was diagnosed congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) immediately after being born. She is steroid dependent, but she is a very active grom and also loves skateboarding.

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