HX Phantom Hoverboard: the self-balancing scooter for checking the morning surf | Photo: SurferToday

Have you ever felt you were traveling without moving? Now, you can experience it with the HX Phantom Hoverboard, the ultimate surfer's self-balancing transporter.

We had never stepped on a self-balancing scooter, and we thought it was a toy for the kids.

But we couldn't be more wrong. It is fun and exercises your body because it requires some balancing adjustments, at least in the early stages.

The HX Phantom Hoverboard powered by Optimum is a fantastic personal transporter and one of the safest on the market.

First, let's look at the main specs. The HX Phantom Hoverboard weighs 24.25 lbs (10.9 kg) and features a durable 350W dual motor capable of climbing 30-degree hills.

With a maximum speed of 7.45 mph (11.9 km/h), the self-balancing scooter will only need to recharge its powerful battery after 12.5 miles (20 kilometers).

HX Phantom Hoverboard: it comes with a bag for easy carrying | Photo: SurferToday

The 360-degree turning radius is spectacular, and the LED lights give it a futuristic look. The gadget is available in four colors.

You won't need a long user's manual or countless hours of training to ride the self-balancing scooter.

And if you're a surfer or skateboarder, you'll definitely only need 30 minutes (and a helping hand) to ride the HX Phantom Hoverboard at full speed. Hop on it and enjoy the experience.

It's the perfect personal transporter for checking the surf when we're in a hurry to get wet or when the weather forces us to make a quick check at our local break.

The ride is extremely smooth. We've tried it on tarmac, asphalt, and rough terrains, and the gadget has never let us down.

The Packaging

The HX Phantom Hoverboard comes inside a simple yet attractive modern box.

You won't find anything you don't need, and the self-balancing scooter appears immediately ready to be ridden.

There's also the user's manual, the charger, and the bumper strips.

The Hoverboard

The HX Phantom Hoverboard itself is a bit heavy, but that also means it is very stable and was built to last.

The design is attractive, and the platform where your feet command the machine is comfortable and wide enough for you to make subtle adjustments.

HX Phantom Hoverboard: featuring bumper strips and built-in speakers | Photo: SurferToday

The First Ride

In the beginning, you will struggle to find balance, but don't despair - getting used to it is part of the game.

All you need is a helping hand on your side, and you will rapidly get it. Surfers and skateboarders have an advantage here, but this toy was made for everyone.

The Extras

If you're a smartphone addict, you'll love the HX Phantom Hoverboard app.

It lets you check battery and speed and allows you to set the driving force, steering sensibility, and overall riding level.

And, because the smartphone and the scooter are connected via Bluetooth, you can play your favorite tunes through the HX Phantom Hoverboard built-in speakers.

We just wish we could disable the speed warning that always tells us to slow down by pressing a button on the scooter's app.

You don't want everyone to hear a loud woman yelling, "Overspeed!" every time we step on the gas pedal. 

In conclusion, this is a cool, safe, and quick way to carry yourself and your surfboard between home and your local surf break.

The HX Phantom Hoverboard is available for $299.

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