Masirah Island: a kiteboarding secret in the Middle East

When the Middle East meets the Asian continent, there's Masirah Island, one of the best-kept secrets in the kiteboarding world.

Hot summers and warm winters. Desert landscapes, endless sandy beaches, and constant strong winds. The Arabian Sea hides a treasure for all wind lovers.

Welcome to Masirah Island, a territory of Oman.

The island offers ideal wind conditions, nearly untouched nature, and the original charm of the Middle East. Most of the island's interior is deserted.

In the summer months, the wind blows over Masirah with an average of over 20 knots, influenced by the monsoon of the Indian Ocean.

Numerous lagoons with extensive shallow water areas offer ideal conditions at temperatures around 30° C.

The island is located just a few kilometers away from Oman's mainland.

With no direct flight connection, kiteboarders have to journey 400 kilometers across the desert to reach Masirah.

That is part of the adventure. Masirah Island has literally been cut off from the modern world for a long time.

The local kite camp - Kiteboarding Oman - offers full service, including kiteboarding courses, equipment rental, and rescue services.

In the winter months, the alternative spot is Sawadi Beach, about 75 kilometers north of the Omani capital Muscat.

Get ready to discover the mysterious winds Masirah Island and Oman have to offer, like the Dhow, the historical sailing vessel with lateen sails.

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