RipSurf: surf where you live | Photo: Razor

Street surfers of the world rejoice. The new RipSurf promises to revolutionize the way you ride the asphalt when the ocean's flat.

Designed in Southern California, the RipSurf is just like riding a real surfboard. Unlike a skateboard, which can roll in either direction, RipSurf's inclined casters urethane wheels only roll in one direction.

RipSurf features a traction pad, a rugged polypropylene deck for increased grip, and a unique design. Its one-piece torsion technology allows riders to carve and gain speed.

The front foot will determine the direction of your carve, and the back foot determines the degree of the turn.

Learning how to ride the RipSurf can be a little bit tricky at first, but with a little practice, you'll be up and shredding in no time.

"It's the closest thing to sidewalk surfing. Not only does it look like an authentic surfboard - with a traction pad, a stringer, and wax-style front traction - but it has also been designed to ride like a surfboard. You generate momentum by pumping," explains Ali Kermani, the mastermind behind Razor.

"Like a bicycle, it becomes more stable once it's in motion. The middle of the deck flexes, but it's been designed to be longitudinally strong. Advanced riders can get up on ramps.

If you need to stop the RipSurf, just step off, and the board will not roll away. Now, it's time for you to surf where you live.

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