Salty Eyes: girls and the waves | Photo: Marianna Piccoli

A Brazilian photographer has launched a project to document the women's connection with the ocean. "Salty Eyes" is a surf photo adventure by Marianna Piccoli.

She wants to take the feminine soul to the waves. With an artistic and unique language, Piccoli's intention is to perpetuate the feelings and beauty of this virtuous, deep connection.

"Salty Eyes" is a traveling project that offers photo sessions on the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Marianna documents the surf action in and out of the water, as well as the girls' lifestyle.

"All girls interested in this experience can hire us where the 'Salty Eyes' are passing or join surf trips arranged by us," explains Marianna Piccoli.

"I realized that the result goes far beyond the surf."

"More than photos, the project provides, especially during the trips, an intense life experience that improves the girls' confidence and self-esteem."

Salty Eyes: a photo project for all surfer girls | Photo: Marianna Piccoli

It all started during a trip to Costa Rica.

Invited by Almar, a surfer girl club in Rio de Janeiro, Marianna traveled with 10 of them to one of the most popular destinations for surfers around the world.

Today, Marianna Piccoli is one of the most respected surf photographers in Brazil.

With time and courage, she conquered her space in the almost entirely male world of surfing photography.

"In the beginning, especially in my first trips to Hawaii, the number of girls was very shy. It takes longer for us women to be recognized for our work sometimes, but I kept evolving and people started noticing", adds Marianna.

"Salty Eyes" is aimed at all wave riders.

Indonesia, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, Fernando de Noronha, and Florianopolis are some of the regions that will be visited by Marianna Piccoli.

Salty Eyes: swell lines | Photo: Marianna Piccoli

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