Edgar 'Manolo' Leon: surfboard shaper and local surfing legend | Photo: Christopher Crass

Have you dreamed of embarking on a surf trip to Costa Rica? Don't think twice. It's Pura Vida.

Christopher Crass is a travel filmmaker and landscape photographer that draws inspiration from visiting exotic locations from the jungles of South America to the rugged mountains and fjords of Norway for his various photography and video projects.

The visual creator produced "Seeking Swells: A Costa Rican Road Trip," a documentary that explores the vibrant surf culture that can be experienced in the Central American country.

Crass was born in San Francisco, California, but grew up on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, where water sports and the beach lifestyle were a big part of my childhood.

"Water sports have been a part of my life since I could walk, and I started out bodyboarding then graduating to surfing," the filmmaker told SurferToday.com.

"I moved around a lot growing up, so I didn't always have a beach nearby to surf consistently, but I still thoroughly enjoy it."

Costa Rica: the land of Pura Vida | Still: Christopher Crass

Costa Rica: A Unique Surfing Environment

The California visual creator visited Costa Rica several times between work trips and surf trips. In a way, the 23-minute film is a mirror of his adventures in Ticos' land.

"Costa Rica remains one of my favorite locations because it reminds me of the Dominican Republic but with better surf and no trash. The Dominican Republic lacks a properly implemented recycling and waste removal program in many cities," notes Crass.

"Seeking Swells" is a smart portrait of what might very well be one of the best surfing destinations in the world.

"I think Costa Rica has been on the surf map for years now, but there are still so many beaches that have yet to be discovered or have fallen from the limelight as I found out while making this documentary."

Costa Rica's best surf spots have helped build a solid and accomplished community of potential world-class surfers.

"While on my travels I've seen some real talent in Costa Rica and it's widely agreed that Carlos Munoz's rise to fame has been a long time coming as far as Costa Rican surfers getting their chance to shine," underlines the San Francisco filmmaker.

Costa Rica: a world-class surfing destination | Still: Christopher Crass

A Traveling Life

Christopher Crass runs his own company - Boss Talk Productions - and produces content for various brands and clients around the world.

One week he can be shooting a superyacht in the Bahamas and the next flying out to some exotic location to shoot a lifestyle promo video for a villa rental or tour company.

"Having photography and video production as my full-time job and passion, I find myself in a very fortunate situation," says Crass.

"The documentaries I have made so far are passion projects, and I definitely plan to continue making them wherever I see intriguing stories to be told."

"Seeking Swells" is just the tip of a growing iceberg. The talented multimedia producer will continue to develop insightful movies and has plans for the near future.

"I have known and worked with the organizers of the Master of the Ocean competition in the Dominican Republic, and we've recently talked about putting together a film about the history of its beginnings almost 20 years ago."

"I also have a friend that travels the world offering surfing tours, and we're planning a documentary on one of his next trips perhaps to the Mentawai Islands," concludes Christopher Crass.

"Seeking Swells" features local and international surfers, including Kurt van Dyke, Edgar "Manolo" Leon, Ricardo "Tano," Marco Picado, Roberto Vargas, Willy Vargas, and the Costa Rica Dive and Surf Team.

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