Shape your own iSurfboards

March 27, 2012 | Surfing
iSurfboards: shape your own quiver

iSurfboards is the iPhone app that allows you to create your own custom surfboard and email it to a shaper. The newest smartphone application gives you all the options you would find on a standard surfboard order form.

iSurfboards works like a guide to surfboard information, in the palm of your hand. It includes a wide variety of surfboard size charts for beginner to intermediate surfers.

All charts take into account the surfer's weight and height and provides a guide to the size surfboard which would be best suit them.

In iSurfboards, you'll find different surfboard shapes and their characteristics and suited surf conditions, along with the roles that length, width and thickness play in surfboard design.

Types of tails, rail shapes, bottom concaves, rocket, nose and tail lift and the most common types of glass jobs. iSurfboards is the perfect iPhone app for those who enjoy learning about surfboard shaping.

Fins are not forgotten. You will learn what effects the base, depth, sweep, foil, flex and cant have on a performance of a fin and what fin system you would like in your next surfboard.

Get length guides for multiple surfboard shapes: fish, groveller, shortboard, midsize, gun, funboard and mini malibu.

Discover the effects of surfboard design in wave performance. Learn how to shape a surfboard.