Shark jumps over a surfer in Florida

June 28, 2011 | Surfing
Shark jump: gnarly, dude

A shark has been spotted jumping over a surfer at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The moment was captured by Jacob Langston, a photographer for The Orlando Sentinel while filming surfers riding waves.

Langston only noticed there was a shark in the water when he started editing the video a few hours later.

At the time, only a surfer is heard saying: "Dude! Did you see that?"

Experts believe this is a four-foot spinner shark, a very common specie in the Florida region.

In most cases, it does not pose a substantial danger to humans, as teeth are made for eating small fish rather than big mammals.

"They are pretty common at the inlet," Langston told Yahoo. "People get photos of them all the time jumping out of the water. The surfers knew immediately what it was."

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