Surfboards: the airplane fear | Photo: Surf Resort Finder

An air freight and logistics company has launched a surfboard shipping and handling division.

Surfers are travelers and need to move quickly to the pumping surf spots.

When there's no time to lose, and surfboards must arrive with no scratches and cracks, you can't trust airline companies.

Alliance Air Freight & Logistics, a full-service freight shipping company, has announced its niche surfboard shipping and handling division.

The majority of companies ship surfboards via Less-than-Truckload (LTL) common carrier, creating slower transit time and added surfboard handling.

As a result, handling is increased, and the likelihood of damage is increased, as well.

The new service promises that your surfboard will stay on the same line-haul truck from its origin location until its final destination.

This drastically minimizes handling and the chances that your surfboard will be damaged.

Additionally, the transit times are drastically reduced compared to LTL's common carrier, as all of our trucks move your surfboards over the weekend.

When shipping out on Thursday or Friday, your freight will typically deliver on Monday/Tuesday to most major cities.

Also, take a look at the best surfboard ding repair kits.

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