Arctic surfer: wearing a 6 mm wetsuit has already published several articles about snow alternatives to our water sports. There's ice windsurfing, snow kiteboarding, and snow bodyboarding.

But is there a winter version of surfing? To be honest, it was certainly hard to find, but we did it.

We introduce you to snow surfing... with a little help from a special wetsuit.

Our friends from "Arctic Surfers" set up very cold surf trips where 6 mm wetsuits are required.

This is just a part of what Iceland's far north has to offer. Yes, Iceland offers a world-class right-hander.

They say, "The only time you might get a little bit chilly is before and after a surf session while dressing. Nothing a cup of hot chocolate from the guides and a soak in the local swimming pool won't fix".

Well, can you imagine?

The Board Riders Base Camp in Ólafsfjörður fjord is the base of operation in the rugged Tröllaskagi region (Trolls Peninsula).

This means you'll be surfing surrounded by towering mountains and deep fjords, offering the possibility of snowboarding right down to the ocean in the company of Iceland's only internationally certified mountain guide.

Ollie's point is Iceland's best right-hander.

If you're willing to take the challenge, visit the "Arctic Surfers."

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