Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich: a surf academy for talented Peruvian kids | Photo: Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich

Peruvian surfer Sofia Mulanovich, the 2004 ASP Women's World Tour champion, has founded a surfing academy for young talents in Punta Hermosa, Peru.

She was the first Latin American surfer to clinch the world title in the sport of surfing. After many years competing at the highest level, Sofia Mulanovich decided it was time to do something different and unique.

"My aim is to give the 'Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich' members the very best support, through my team, so they can grow and develop and seize life's opportunities,” underlines the Peruvian idol.

"Some kids come from poor social backgrounds and this is the first time they're given an opportunity to succeed. I want my program to be a challenge for me too. I want these kids to grow with me."

Peruvian teenagers will be able to enjoy a full scholarship in a three-year program. Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich combines top-level, competitive surf training with life lessons anchored in the key areas of environmental protection, healthy living, and fair-play.

The initial ten residents were selected from 67 hopeful applicants by Sofia Mulanovich and her team of experts. The beach house offers world-class facilities, totally fitting for a country that boasts some of the planet's best waves.

Training out on the beach and waves will be interspersed with workshops back at base using video footage to analyze and then perfect technique and style. All of the academy’s activities run parallel to formal schooling.

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