Soul Surfer: some surfers lost their boards

"Soul Surfer," the surf movie featuring the life and courage of Bethany Hamilton, is already a tremendous success. The film tells the true history of a young surfer girl who has been attacked by a shark and struggles to make her dreams come true.

During the opening weekend, "Soul Surfer" reached fourth place in the box office, making more than $10 million dollars.

The life story of Bethany Hamilton is almost religious because she believed everything was possible after losing one arm.

Faith, determination, passion for surfing, and the will to win led Hamilton to a surfing national title while competing at the highest level all over the world.

Anna Sophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, and Helen Hunt star in "Soul Surfer," but the biopic aims to reach for other stars, like the values of love, family, and health.

The surf movie has been accused of being "too Christian." Nevertheless, "Soul Surfer" will always be a film about the power and influence surfing has on young girls and boys.

Tears come and go, and smiles will always prevail. Those who have had the opportunity to meet Bethany Hamilton will certainly tell how much they got inspired by her aura and survival story.

Check the "Soul Surfer" movie trailer.

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