Earthwave: crowd for a good reason

The Earthwave Beach Festival will again host an attempt to challenge the Guinness World Record for the most surfers riding the same wave at Surfers Corner on Muizenberg Beach on the weekend of 25 & 26 September 2010.

The fourth edition of the popular festival that harnesses the huge interest surrounding attempts to break Guinness World Records (GWR) to promote sustainable lifestyle choices will include a national SA Longboard Surfing (SALSA) event and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) races featuring many of the country's top performers, alongside plenty of fun beach activities, demonstrations and talks on climate change over the two days.

"We excited about Earthwave 2010, and after setting the Guinness World Record of 110 surfers riding the same wave at Muizenberg last year, we feel that we can raise the record even further,' says Paul Botha from Kahuna Promotions, the organizers of the festival.

"Earthwave has become a really fun, mass participation event since 2006 with more than 440 surfers of every age and ability paddling out to break the record last year, and three times that many on the beach urging them on," Botha added.

"We're inviting environmental organizations and companies to join us at the event to raise awareness of climate change and what can be done to reduce our impact on the planet."

"There'll be plenty of action in the ocean and on the beach with heaps of giveaways, raffles for worthy causes, and competitions like Dig for Gold with prizes worth tens of thousands of Rands. And the whole fiesta ends off with the after-party-of-the-year at the Brass Bell."

The attempt on the Guinness World Record will be made between 1 pm and 2 pm on Sunday 26 September, with registration starting at 10 am, and the SALSA longboard surfing event and SUP races will start on Saturday 25, with the finals on Sunday morning.

Earthwave Brazil, where the Guinness World Record of 100 surfers riding the same wave was set in 2008, will also be making another attempt to break the record on Sunday 12 September as part of a three-day professional longboarding and SUP event at Quebra Mar near Sao Paulo.

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