Mikey Brennan: the winning photo by Stu Gibson | Photo: Stu Gibson

Stu Gibson and Chippa Wilson claimed the 2019 Nikon Surf Photo and Video of the Year Awards.

Gibson conquered the 2019 Nikon Surf Photo of the Year Award with his image "Mikey Brennan," while "Octopus Video No. 4," shot by Chippa Wilson was the winner of the 2019 Nikon Surf Video of the Year.

"I enter this comp every year and I'm always blown away by everyone's images," says the Australian photographer.

"In the past few years, my photography has shifted to other areas away from surfing but I think this award has reignited the fire!"

"I was just lucky to be home for a big swell at Shipstern and it was such a nice day with some big sets so I went for a swim."

"Mikey Brennan did most of the work for this shot. I'm so grateful to have my best mates charging ridiculous waves at home. What a place to be a photographer!" concluded Stu Gibson.

Stu Gibson got himself a new Nikon Z 7, while Chippa Wilson received a new Nikon Z 6. The videographer was also ecstatic with the video award.

"I'm so honored to receive this award in a room full of legends and better yet I'm beyond hyped to win this award in this category as there were so many great films released!" added Chippa Wilson.

High-Profile Judges

A panel of 13 judges from within the surf industry, including Stephanie Gilmore, were tasked with selecting this year's winners.

"There was such a dynamic field of entries this year. It made it so hard to choose because everyone has such a unique and individual style, showcasing their independent voice through photography," stated Gilmore.

"As a photographer myself, I could see the passion and commitment to the craft in so many of the images. All of them could stand on their own. I loved being a judge this year and hope that viewers agree with our final choice."

"The stunning images and videos from this year's finalists serve as inspiration to Nikon and the Australian surfing community to challenge our creativity and push new boundaries of what is possible when capturing our oceans and athletes," concluded John Young, marketing manager at Nikon Australia.

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