Kevin Naughton releases surf novel "Trout Rising"

August 27, 2012 | Surfing
Trout Rising: a teenager's dream in a surf book

What if you could have everything you ever wished for? For fifteen-year old Trout, that means surfing beyond his wildest dreams in perfect waves every day, all day.

"Trout Rising" is the latest surf book adventure of Kevin Naughton, a passionate surfer for more than 45 years. This could easily be the story of our lives, when we are only 15.

Magically, Trout is granted three wishes and finds himself tube traveling the planet with a crew of other worldly surfers. They live for extreme adventures, yet once in their mysterious circle there’s no getting out.

When Trout discovers the secret to their hidden powers — and falls in love with a girl beyond reach — he finds that some dreams come true at a dangerous price.

The author has a long history of writings and journalism. Kevin Naughton's adventures were chronicled in a documentary film, "The Far Shore". In 2008, he was featured in the Irish surfing documentary "Waveriders".

Between world travels Naughton received a Bachelor’s degree in Literature from UC Irvine and a Diploma in Anglo-Irish Literature from Trinity College, Ireland. He currently resides in Laguna Beach, California with his wife and two children.