Nat Young: surfer, writer, icon, champion, etc

Quality and passion are two ingredients for success and more than 300 hours of talks with the most iconic legends in the history of surfing could only mean an outstanding result.

That's what "Paving the Wave - For The Love Of Surfing" really is. The remarkable documentary directed by Eric Jordan displays the most complete story of the origins and status-quo of surfing and its industry.

The author traveled to Mexico, Hawaii and the USA in search of the surf pioneers and surfing designers, clothing manufacturers, photo journalists, filmmakers, shapers, big wave riders, free and pro surfers that ignited surfing in the 50’s and 60’s. The journey went on from 2003 to 2010.

Jack O'Neill, Bruce Brown, Greg Noll, Nat Young, Bill Wise, Dale Velzy and Hobie Alter are only a few of the dozens of interviews made and edited for "Paving the Wave". Eric Jordan also gathered more than 1,000 photographs of these surf icons.

There's fame, money, lifestyle, achievements, waves, surfboards, girls, boys and heroes in "Paving the Wave", as a true portrait of what surfing really is throughout the world. A cultural phenomenon, a lifestyle, an amazing water sport.

Jack O'Neill recalls the moment when a wetsuit was really needed. "It started out in San Francisco in the early 50’s working with ways to stay warm. It wasn’t the most ideal surfing spot, but that’s where I lived and I was doing a lot of surfing and it was cold. It would drop down below 50 degrees and I would get those ice cream headaches, so I got a girls bathing cap and I had a piece of unicellular foam".

"It didn’t have much tensile strength so I put it underneath my bathing suit, and it just slowly evolved from there. I remember one of the surfers said, 'O'Neill, when the five guys on the beach buy a surfboard or wetsuit you're going to be out of business’, but the timing was right. Guys like Bruce Brown with their surfing movies kind of spread the word", said Jack.

"Paving the Wave" is a work in progress. Long after the film is released, on September 1st 2011, Eric Jordan will still interview legends and share important information about this special time in history. For the love of surfing.

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