Surf Jimmy helps you get the wetsuit on faster

August 16, 2012 | Surfing
Surf Jimmy: get on the wetsuit fast

Surf Jimmy is the new surf invention that helps you get the wetsuit on faster.

Have you ever had problems getting in your wetsuit? The perfect wave does not wait for you to get your wetsuit on and that is why passionate surfer Rasmus Backman Sørensen decided to help you.

Surf Jimmy basically works like a reusable condom for your legs and your arms.

It is extremely easy to use. Just unwrap the Surf Jimmy, pull it onto one foot, stick that leg into the wetsuit and repeat it with your other foot.

"The idea for the Surf Jimmy came about when surfing in Gracetown, south of Perth in 2010. I had been surfing with mates for a couple of days straight, sleeping in the car. That particular morning the surf at Gracetown was pumping so everyone just wanted to get out there as fast as possible", explains Sørensen.

"However, as the wetsuits were still wet from the previous day's usage, they all tried using plastic bags to get into the suits more quickly. However, the bags were all ripped, dirty, and too long. And 'bling' that’s when the idea for the Surf Jimmy came about".

Surf shops will benefit from selling the Surf Jimmy as well, as Surf Jimmy makes it easier and faster for customers to put on multiple wetsuits in changing rooms.

Rasmus Backman Sørensen, a rider from Copenhagen, Denmark, promises that Surf Jimmy also works just as well with your arms.

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