Surfboards: reshape and reuse | Still: Reshape Surf

Broken surfboards make us sad. Reshape Surf is a network of craftsmen and surfers who aim to reduce surfing's footprint by recycling and upcycling old and unused planks.

You can call it a movement. Reshape Surf is igniting our brains. It is telling us to rethink the way we deal with snapped surfboards or with severe damages to tails, rails, and noses.

"Our goal is simple. To keep old, beat-up surfboards out of landfills for as long as possible by reviving them into something useful," underlines the movement.

You can turn broken boards into modern alaias, hand planes, skimboards, finless guns, asymmetrical sticks, stringerless and even stiff bodyboards in your backyard.

It's all in the foam. Keep it out of landfills. Reshape, reuse, and enjoy.

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