Chris Owen: surf injuries mean blood

A San Clemente surfer has suffered severe eye trauma at Lower Trestles when a wave rider accidentally ran over him.

Chris Owen was helped to shore and taken to Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, where he underwent emergency exploratory surgery.

Doctors determined that he would need further surgery to reattach his retina and repair his ruptured eyeball. Later, he was taken to UC Irvine Medical Center, and a second opinion was given on how to recover his left eye.

Owen underwent a second surgery at Good Samaritan Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Roger Novack, a veteran eye surgeon, performed an operation that lasted four hours.

After sixty attempts to close the tear in Chris's eyeball, his eyeball was finally reshaped, and his retina was reattached with a laser. He is hopeful to regain his sight.

"My eye is currently on the road to recovery. It's letting in a small amount of light in the lower left corner", says Chris. A fundraiser has been set up to help him pay the medical expenses.

Chris Owen is a professional photographer, and Lower Trestles is one of his favorite places to surf. Remember that injuries affect one in three surfers. Protect yourself and others while riding waves.

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