Surfatom: the inflatable and portable surf paddling training board | Photo: Surfatom

Meet the Surfatom, an inflatable and portable surf paddling board for your swimming pool sessions.

It all started one day when Ramon Baux, a 47-year-old Spanish surfer, decided to develop a small paddling board for his swimming training routines.

Soon after, his friend Erik Barclay, an industrial designer, tested the prototype and decided to help improve the concept.

"The board was designed to fully adapt to your body and replicate the paddling posture," Erik Barclay tells

Barclay is also a surfboard shaper. He has already designed aircraft and, despite being in his 40s, still hunts big swells in the wintertime.

"Surfatom will make you stay in shape for your next surf session and will definitely improve the number of waves you are able to catch," guarantees Baux.

"Dozens of surfers have tried it, and with their feedback, we have reached 100 percent functionality."

Swimming is a crucial training element in any surfer's workout program. It not only quickly develops your upper torso muscles, but it will also build lung capacity.

Erik Barclay and Ramon Baux: the creators of Surfatom | Photo: Surfatom

A Swimming Pool-Friendly Paddling Board

The team, which also includes co-founder Javier Santos, decided to step into the manufacturing process in Europe to ensure quality materials and procedures have been used.

The trio believes that they've created a functional, resilient, and long-lasting product.

"We have been using the board for a couple of years, and it works amazingly well. It has replaced our endless swimming sessions and makes us enjoy our training more and stay in good shape," adds Santos.

The surf paddling board was designed to enhance the surfers' core muscles and boost their paddling power while swimming in a pool.

It is made from resilient 0.5mm PVC, and its smooth, anti-slippage grip ensures full adaptability to the user's body.

The Surfatom team also made the equipment is foldable and easy to carry in a backpack. It features no solid parts or sharp edges, so it can be used safely in a public swimming pool.

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