Gaza Strip: sharing a wave, helping each other

Do you have an old surfboard and would like to do something special? The Gaza Strip surfers don't have surfboards or gear but love to ride the waves.

The few boards available are old and destroyed. Ken O'Keefe, a former U.S.

Marine is a social entrepreneur trying to help local surfers establish their surf community. O'Keefe burned his US passport and has called himself a "citizen of the world."

This US surfer visited Gaza Beach in the last few days, met the best local riders, and hit the water with their surfboards.

"It was a very rare and special day indeed. I also surfed for the first time in about 13 years, or at least I tried. It was an absolute joy to be in the sea, and to surf in Gaza is a real honor," says Ken O'Keefe.

"The guys I surfed with, Mohammed and Hatem, were great and offered me a surfboard the moment I started bodysurfing next to them."

Gaza Beach: A War Field

The Gaza Beach is always a war stage between Palestinians and Israelis, and surfing, like fishing, is not a safe sport activity.

Nevertheless, kids love to interact with the sea, and that might help change things in the future.

Surfing is peace and sharing waves with friends. The Palestinians in Gaza have discovered surfing and share their local spot with everyone, even tourists.

In 2008, Alexander Klein filmed "God Went Surfing with the Devil," a surf documentary about the daily struggle to supersede the conflict through the joys of surfing.

So, if you think you can help Gaza's surf community, contact Ken O'Keefe of Gaza Surf Relief and Surfing 4 Peace.

The Palestinian surfers will thank and send good waves to everyone. Watch the video of surfing in Gaza.

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