Double concave deck: two channels for better performance

The research and development divisions of the world's best surfboard companies are on fire. After the asymmetrical shapes, the GPS systems, the pressure sensors, and the LED lights meet the double concave deck concept.

RT Surfboards invested eight months of studies to reach the perfect model, which has already been tested by team riders and is now available for the entire range of boards.

A single concave deck allows a lower center of gravity, bringing the feet closer to the water.

The double concave deck leaves total freedom to shape all kinds of proportions and rail contours and offers many interesting benefits.

For instance, these boards provide better stability, enhanced ergonomy, and more strength, as the fibers are forced to work more effectively under traction in some of the most critical parts of the board.

RT Surfboards believe these boards are easier to surf and last longer. Dimitri, Pauline Ado, Edouard Delpero, Leonardo Fioravanti, Aldric God, PV Laborde, David Leboulch, Charly Quivront, and Valentina Vitale have already given thumbs up to the new surfboards.

Discover the effects of surfboard design on wave performance.

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