Rex Flodstrom: surfing away from the Chicago Police

Surfing is a medieval practice. Rex Flodstrom, a 40-year-old surfer, was arrested for surfing waves in his local spot, Oak Street, in Lake Michigan, USA.

When he was simply enjoying a few waves, Chicago Police came up and arrested him. Flodstrom was placed in handcuffs and had his surfboard confiscated beacause... he was surfing.

"I was surfing and saw a couple of guys on the beach and thought that they were spectators. I figured they might be friends or just someone checking it out. Then I noticed a car and a couple others pull up," explained Flodstrom in a video interview to FOX Chicago.

"When it was time to come in I didn’t know it was going to be a big situation, but I walked onto a hostile beach. They immediately grabbed me, handcuffed me, took me to the station and the regular police stuff. I was thinking this was insane."

Surfing had been illegal in Chicago until 2009, because of a tragedy which involved three girls and an inflatable raft. The ban of floatable devices was lifted in that year, but only in four winter surf breaks (Osterman, Montrose, 57th Street and Rainbow) and two summer surf spots (Montrose, 57th Street).

For example, if you're about to hit the waves of Chicago, make sure to contact the nearest on-duty lifeguard before entering the
water, otherwise you'll get into trouble.

"If I were able to surf my home spot and go take a hot shower, then it would’ve been a great session. But if I’d had known that I would be arrested and would have to spend four hours in a holding cell in a freezing wetsuit, then I probably wouldn’t have paddled out."

Flodstrom was unlucky because his spot was not on the list. Nevertheless, this seems a very third world rule coming from a developed nation. Guns kill, so why aren't guns banned? Cars accidents kill, so why aren't cars banned?

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