Nuno Santos: violinist and big wave charger | Photo: Red Chargers

It can't get any crazier. Portuguese surfer Nuno Santos has ridden the big waves of Nazaré in Portugal while playing the violin.

He wrote the music for Garrett McNamara's Red Chargers project.

And he loves huge waves, too. Nuno Santos, a Portuguese teacher, decided to ride and play the fiddle in one of the most dangerous natural arenas on the planet.

So, what is he doing in the water with a musical instrument? Santos has a goal.

He aims to play the violin in the most unlikely places. He played it in castles, cliffs, beach clubs, churches, volcanoes, and supermarkets.

Nuno Santos: playing 'Merry Christmas' on a Nazaré bomb | Photo: Red Chargers

Months of Preparation

But, this time, he could've chosen a more friendly environment.

After months of preparation, the surfer-violinist hit the water mountains of Praia do Norte. Nuno was towed into a big wave by McNamara and played his tune while trimming the liquid slope.

Santos says he has been focusing on "resistance, strength training, and flexibility training."

"If I hit the water challenging myself - and not Nature - and if my intentions are good, I have greater chances of success. You need to be humble and receive this gift of Nature."

December has been a particularly busy month in Nazaré.

The North Atlantic winter swells have delivered consistent above-average big wave surfing days. However, the world record is still up for grabs.

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