Vasco Ribeiro and Hugo Pinheiro: ready for the Red Bull Tow Out | Photo: Red Bull

The eternal rivalry between surfers and bodyboarders has been put to the test during the Red Bull Tow Out Session, held in the tubular waves of Peniche in Portugal.

Vasco Ribeiro is a professional surfer. Hugo Pinheiro is a professional bodyboarder. Who's best in a tow-out session? Who pulls the highest aerials? Who breaks more boards?

Surfing and bodyboarding are both wave and board sports, but the rivalry between both ocean activities is well-known ever since.

Hugo Pinheiro, a multiple-time European bodyboarding champion and tow-out specialist, challenged the talented young Portuguese surfer Vasco Ribeiro for a unique experience.

"The Confrontation" took place in Supertubos, the European Pipeline. But is there hate between surfers and bodyboarders? No, there's only one feeling separating both athletes - mutual respect.

"I think there might be some rivalry between the surf and bodyboard, but for me, mutual respect comes first. I think we have many differences, but after watching Hugo in action, I felt very inspired!" said Vasco Ribeiro.

"The most important thing is to keep feeling the pleasure of being in the water and even disputing the same waves and doing amazing things. Vasco did very well," added Hugo Pinheiro.

Both riders have displayed incredible performances in the waves of Supertubos with the powerful help of a jet ski. The excitement was huge, and the result was a few broken boards.

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