Surfers take off on "Psychic Migrations"

September 16, 2015 | Surfing
Psychic Migrations: the surf turned upside down | Photo: Volcom

Eighteen surfers have embarked on a few "Psychic Migrations," Volcom's latest surf adventure into the wild spots of the West Indies, East Indies, Australia, Polynesia, Central and South America.

The movie was directed by Ryan Thomas, and it was shot in multiple uninhabited and remote wave peaks around the globe. Blue gems, challenging slabs, and endless warm water barrels.

"I was trying to focus on the landscape. That's where my head's at with this film. But when it comes down to it, it's a surf movie, and I think people will be pleased with the surfing in it," Thomas explained after filming in South America.

"Psychic Migrations" has someone you would want to travel with. The roster includes Yago Dora, Nate Tyler, Balaram Stack, Mike Gleason, Carlos Munoz, Ryan Burch, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn, Alex Gray, Andrew Doheny, Joan Duru, Miguel Tudela, Gavin Beschen, Imai Devault, Parker Coffin, Tom Dosland, Kelly Sater, and Dusty Payne.

"Sometimes you get people thinking negative on a trip, and it doesn't work out. But on this trip, no one felt like, 'Oh, this guy is getting more than me.' Everybody was nice, doing their jobs and treating each other like family... no ego," added Munoz, the Costa Rican surf star.

"Psychic Migrations" is premiered on the 17th September 2015.

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