Surfers unite to save Bastion Point

March 16, 2012 | Surfing
Bastion Point: surf sanctuary of Australia

The surf breaks of Bastion Point are severely threatened. The outstanding surf spot located in Mallacoota, Australia, may soon be a memory of the past if local authorities go ahead with the construction of a boat ramp, breakwater, and car park at one of Victoria's most special beaches for surfing.

The Save Bastion Point Campaign has forced a new proposal with a 40% smaller overall footprint than the previous project, but the decision is not taken. Members and supporters of the Save Bastion Point Campaign are working to protect one of Australia's gems.

The latest advertised version involves a 130m breakwater of which there are no real details. The Save Bastion Point Campaign has major concerns with its impact on safety, visual amenity and the surf breaks.

Surf environmentalists are urging everyone to write a submission to the Department of Transport of Victoria, including the Victorian Environment Minister Ryan Smith.

Bastion Point is a surf sanctuary. The surf break wraps around the point, breaking at the outer reef – "Broken Boards", at "The Point", and then through to the beach. A good swell will see these breaks linking up, to create a magnificent half mile right-hander.

Save the Waves Coalition has considered Bastion Point an endangered wave.