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The founder of has launched "The Surfing Files," an eBook with everything you need to know about riding waves.

Knowledge is power. Surfing is a complex, Nature-influenced sport surrounded by science, history, geography, and cultural richness. Learning is never enough, especially if you're one of those surfers who pay attention to detail.

"I am almost celebrating 25 years since I first rode my first wave. Back then, I would catch a train to find surf with my superheavy Mike Davis surfboard. There was no internet or access to surf reports and surf books," explains Luís Madureira Pinto, author of "The Surfing Files."

"When I decided to read and deepen my 'surfing studies,' my surfing improved greatly. When at an intermediate level, you can rapidly take a giant leap forward if you pay attention to details such as feet placement, hydrodynamics, body positioning, fin setups, and reading waves."

"The Surfing Files: Everything You Need To Know About Riding Waves" releases exclusive information and compiles the most important articles, guides, and technical tips published at since 2007.

The eBook - which can be read on your Kindle device, PC, smartphone, or tablet - includes seven main chapters: The Beginner Mode, The Intermediate Mode, The Advanced Mode, Surf Health: Body & Mind, Surf Science & Surf Forecast, Surf Knowledge, Design & Gear, Do It Yourself, Big Wave Surfing, and Surf History.

"We will never be accomplished surfers if we stop learning and getting from good to great. 'The Surfing Files' are designed to be consulted from time to time, during a lunch or work break," adds Madureira Pinto.

"The Surfing Files: Everything You Need To Know About Riding Waves" is available on all Amazon stores worldwide.

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