Tehaupoo, Tahiti: the home of the Paris 2024 surfing event | Photo: WSL

Surfing and skateboarding have officially been confirmed in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board confirmed both sports in the official program.

For the first time in its long history, the Olympic games will feature 50 percent male athletes and 50 percent female athletes.

As a result, 22 men and 22 women will compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals at the Paris 2024 shortboard surfing event.

The competition will take place at Teahupoo, in Tahiti, with all heats taking place 9,759 miles (15,706 kilometers) away from the capital of France.

The International Surfing Association (ISA) has already stressed the importance of running a sustainable competition that pays homage to the sport's heritage and culture.

Teahupoo is one of the most challenging and consistent waves on the planet.

The thunderous reef break provides a fast, hollow, and heavy left-hand barrel that breaks over shallow, coral-infested waters.

"Surfing is the perfect addition to the Olympic Games' new era. Hopefully, the conditions on offer at Teahupoo will excite competitors and impress fans," underlines Fernando Aguerre, president of the ISA.

"Our goal is to generate momentum for a permanent, long-term inclusion in the Olympic movement with our inclusive and gender-equal sport."

A New Olympic Era

Skateboarding is also following surfing's Olympic footsteps.

After being announced for Tokyo 2020, the sport will continue to impress the world at Paris 2024.

There will be two disciplines hitting the concrete of the French capital - street and park.

Each division will feature 22 male skaters and 22 female sidewalk surfers, making it a total of 88 athletes.

"We will be proudly riding from Tokyo straight to the heart of Paris to join this new urban movement within the Olympic Games," said Sabatino Aracu, president of World Skate.

"The hard paid off, and we will continue to showcase the beauty of skateboarding to the world."

Breaking, also known as break dancing, will make its debut in Paris 2024.

The Olympic Games is expanding the inclusion of engaging, youth-oriented, popular urban sports that are practiced outside conventional arenas.

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