Papua New Guinea: as island with crystal-clear surfing waves | Photo: Hain/WSL

Papua New Guinea is known for its pristine diving spots and crystal-clear waters, but surfing has become quite popular in this Oceania country.

The second-largest island in the world offers 600 outer islands, atolls, and coral reefs.

Located northeast of Australia, Papua New Guinea has a wide set of surf breaks, surrounded by WWII artifacts, marine life, and sunken volcanoes.

Rugby is Papua New Guinea's most popular sport, but surfers have been visiting the country for a couple of decades.

Fortunately, the weather conditions and the local tourist resorts are playing on the surfing side.

Papua New Guinea experiences wet and dry seasons, much like all other equatorial climates.

The wet season runs from November through to April - the best surf season - and the dry season goes from May to October.

Average temperatures range from 25-30 ºC, and water temperatures remain warm year-round at about 26 ºC.

Summertime Surf

The summer wetsuit is the right pick for the last frontier of planetary surfing.

Vanimo, in the far northwestern region of the country, is a great choice if you want to test the Bismarck Sea swell.

The New Ireland region, in Latangai Island, is one of the most popular surf zones.

If you travel down by the coast, you'll surely find and name new surf spots.

The New Hanover and Manus Islands are great alternatives if you're looking for uncrowded spots and world-class perfect waves.

Finally, on the mainland, take a look at the Madang surf region, where you'll find reef, point, and beach breaks.

Other great surf spots include Wewak and Milne Bay.

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