A Scene at the Sea: a beautiful surf movie

The Amstel SurfilmFestibal, one of the best surf movie events in the world, is going to be held in Donostia, Spain, from June 3rd to 12th.

The 9th edition of the European Film Festival promises to bring filmmakers, artists, surfers, and surf industry executives to the San Sebastian region.

There will be a surf film contest, a short film category, exhibitions, music, environmental activities, and night parties. "Idiosyncrasies," "180º South", "Sea of Darkness," and "Castles in the Sky" were some of the surfing masterpieces shown last year.

In 2011, the Amstel SurfilmFestibal will focus on the European scene, but the best footage from Australia, Indonesia, Asia, Africa, Latin America, USA, Island, Kazajistan, Txikitistan and Akinostan will surely disarm any surf movie passionate.

The Japan@Surfilm day will be a special feature held in the San Telmo Museum. A special project from Takuji Masuda, a Japanese surfer, will be shared with all riders. It's been named "Yuzen on Surf" and was filmed in 2006.

The documentary shows the milenary craftsman ship of Yuzen, the origin of the Hawaian shirt and Yohji Yamamomoto surfing, talking about surfing, tradition and modernity.

Expect a continuous screening of Johnny Abegg’s "2 Weeks", "Surfboard," and "Anacapa" by Christopher James. The famous "A Scene at the Sea" by Takeshi Kitano should not be missed.

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