Swedish surfing pioneers: Ake Gylling and Per Torstensson in the 1980s

Surfing in Sweden started 30 years ago, back in the late 1970s, when a group of skateboarders tried the first waves on the west coast of this Scandinavian country.

Per Torstensson, Stisse Bengtsson, Micki Carlsson, and Ake Gylling were the first Swedish surfers.

They started the mythic Porridge Bay Surf Club, designed a logo, and even made t-shirts to identify themselves.

In Sweden's surfing history, this group of blond pioneers got the first uncrowded waves of Grötvik and Sandhamn, the best peaks in the country.

The Swedish Surfing Association managed to form its national team in 1985.

Check out a fascinating interview with Per Torstensson, founder of Surfing in Sweden, at surfsverige.se.

Also, watch the river surfing sessions in Dalhem, Sweden.

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