Surfing is still a crime in USA

December 14, 2010 | Surfing
York Beach: surfing is not allowed here

There was a time when skateboarding was considered a crime. It was a long time ago, and now everybody sees it as an amazing sport.

In the 21st century, there are still some cities in the Western World where banning water sports is for real.

It happens in York Beach, Maine, USA.

Surfing is prohibited even when this town delivers perfect and safe conditions for wave riding.

First, the lifeguards were shocked as if a murder was being committed.

They run along the beach, they watch surfers in a state of shock, and then they call the Police.

"Last Line of Defense" is video footage that tells the story of angry lifeguards that call for angry Police support.

"First of all, they are not allowed in here. So, they all need to leave. Second is that camera on. Shut it off because I'm telling you to", said the policeman.

Watch what happened at York Beach.

This is why local surfers like John Clancy are showing off their "Free York Beach. Surf Anywhere" stickers in their cars.

Of course, surfers only want to enjoy the pleasures of wave riding, and still, they save lives out in the ocean.

"Surfers should be the last line of defense, the full-time lifeguards on duty all the time. They save more lives than anyone else", says the local legend.

One thing is curious. During the day, one young girl was swept out into the raging surf. Surfer Dane Ward saved her life.

Surfing is not a crime. Please report similar issues to the Surfrider Foundation.

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