Surfing Mums share waves and diapers

December 22, 2010 | Surfing
Surfing Mums: kids want to go surfing, too

Australia is one of the greatest surfing countries. Soccer is the most popular sport in the land of kangaroos, but water sports have millions of enthusiasts.

That's why there are several surfing organizations in Australia. One of them is Surfing Mums. Yes, you've read that correctly.

Surfing Mums aims to unite mothers all over the world in their passion for the sport.

Although they don't own priority in the lineup, these mothers encourage others to build strong relationships on and out of the beach.

Also, women tend to share thoughts, tips, ideas, and experiences of being mothers.

Surfing Mums was started by Vanessa Thompson, from Byron Bay, in 2008.

The network of mums has reached 500 members and has traveled to other countries, such as the USA and Ireland.

So, if you're interested - dads are allowed, too - join the weekends of joy and the annual gatherings.