Aquitaine: the French region has plenty of beach breaks and barreling waves

In the Aquitaine region of Southwest France, you'll find the most incredible waves for surfing in Europe. A surfing sanctuary and a natural paradise.

Close your eyes. Imagine tasty croissants, fresh orange juices, beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise ocean waves, and trendy women and men.

It's not a dream; it's Landes Côte Sud, a subregion of Aquitaine.

In less than two hours, or 152 kilometers (94 miles), you'll discover the surfing gems of the Old Continent.

From Saint-Jean-de-Luz to Biscarrosse, perfect waves are simply everywhere.

The warmest surf of the Atlantic Ocean faces NW and SW swells.

Summer is hot in Southwest France, and if you're an early-morning surfer, get ready for the pristine offshore surf sessions you'll encounter.

In the Landes, beach breaks and barrels are a reality, even in the long stretches of uncrowded beaches.

From Saint-Jean-de-Luz to Seignosse and passing by Capbreton and Hossegor, there are 60 kilometers of coast offering optimum conditions.

The city of Soorts-Hossegor holds amazing treasures. Land of contrast and character, Hossegor is characterized by the abundance of natural environments.

It's a world-famous city for the quality of its waves - a must for surfers... and pâtisserie lovers.

Biarritz: there's plenty of swell in the region

En Route to Biarritz

Capbreton also pumps some of the best waves in the world of surf.

Its sandbanks provide unbelievable waves that are found, for instance, at the famous breaks of VVF, La Piste, Santosha, and Prevent.

For beginners, the beach breaks of La Centrale, L'Estacade, or La Sud are great alternatives.

Seignosse, a town on the South Coast of Landes, is famous for its surf spots, its vast beaches, and its internationally recognized golf course in a preserved nature.

The Southwest of France is a synonym for a laid-back atmosphere and epicurists.

You'll find perfect-peeling waves all year long, whether it's sunny or rainy.

Alternatively, don't miss Dune du Pilat, the highest dune in Europe that can be ridden with a finless surfboard.

The Aquitaine region has 240 kilometers (150 miles) of sandy beaches for you to explore and surf.

Biarritz, La Gravière, Les Cavaliers, Sables d'Or, Côte des Basques, and Belharra will finally get you completely surfed out.

Go for it and enjoy, s'il vous plaît.

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