Longboard skateboarding: the surf of the streets

Longboard skateboarding is a great option for flat surfing days. The spirit of skateboarding and longboarding was merged in the 1960s to produce a surfing simulator for the world's busiest city streets.

When the ocean was not pumping enough ridable waves, Californians and Hawaiians grabbed fine-quality wood planks, homemade trunks, and four wheels to create a new and stylish downtown cruising craft.

The street surfing board had been invented.

In the 1990s, longboard skateboarding consolidated the title of popular off-the-streets activity among the first generation of surfers and skateboarders.

If you're not surfing, just cruise along and enjoy the sights.

Longboard skateboarding quickly gained new fans. Surfers were getting old but still wanted to ride and train their surf skills when there were no waves.

That's why longboard skateboarding is often seen near popular surfing beaches. No tricks; just relax mode.

It's cool, relaxed, and enjoyable to ride a longboard skateboard.

New technology has evolved. Trunks are excellent; ball bearings are self-lubricating, and the wooden deck is flexible.

Today's longboard skateboarding urethane wheels adapt to a wide range of terrains.

Four Main Types of Boards

Longboard skateboarding decks may be marketed in four main types:

  • Pintail;
  • Drop-through;
  • Hybrid;
  • Cruiser style;

Most longboard skateboards measure 84-to-150 centimeters (33-to-59 inches), while the width varies from 22.8-to-25.4 centimeters (9.0-to-10.0 inches).

If you're trying longboard skateboarding for the first time, make sure to wear a helmet, wrist protectors, and knee and elbow pads.

If you're a surfer and never experienced the joy of skateboarding, remember that the floor is not water.

It's important to learn how to fall correctly in order to avoid serious injuries.

There's always a flat surface near you where you can easily start longboard skateboarding. Also, go for a gentle slope before going down the mountain.

Carve and Cruise

The foot brake technique is easy to learn and will be very useful in many skateboarding occasions in which you get excited at high speed.

With your pivot foot on the board, use the other one to push against the ground.

Carving is one of the first tricks you can test on longboard skateboarding. Using your weight and your feet, you can make the skateboard turn in the direction you want to go.

Longboard skateboards demand more time to carve, so plan your journey in your mind beforehand.

Longboard skateboarders have established two world records.

Mischo Erban reached 130.08 km/h (80.83 mph) and set a new speed record on September 31, 2010, while Rob Thomas traveled 7,081 kilometers (4,400 miles) to break the Guinness World Record for the "Longest Journey by Skateboard."

So, it's time to occupy all streets during flat surfing days. It's longboard skateboarding time. Discover the best longboard skateboards.

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