Surfing waves near the Sydney Opera House

July 5, 2012 | Surfing
Sydney Opera House: the next big thing of surfing in Australia

On the 6th June 2012, a massive swell hit Sydney, in Australia. The Youtube story tells us that a giant wave broke all the way into the city harbour to create an endless two-kilometre (1.2 miles) wave ride.

Interestingly, the wave was breaking Bennelong Point, the spot where the famous Sydney Opera House is located. It couldn't be more amazing for the local surfing community.

Fortunately, the entire surf session was filmed and result is absolutely epic, as we can confirm below. Forget bombs that produce river waves. This is the real deal and could easily happen on any 1st April.

"It only breaks once in every 100 years. So sick! It's not going to happen again", a local surfer stated. That is why the Japanese tourists gathered to take a picture of the epic wave.

Of course, the new Sydney Opera House surf spot is getting ready for new adventures. It may well be considered for the newest stop of the ASP World Tour? Who knows?

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