Pukas Amstel: the best of two worlds

Have you ever surfed on a beer-shaped surfboard? Well, now it's possible, as the new "Pukas Amstel" has been glassed and is ready to be surfed.

Officially, these are the first "can and bottle" surfboards in the world that are surfable. The idea was followed by an intense R&D in Olatu, Pukas' surfboard factory.

It was a task taken with obvious passion, and the team of sanders, glasses and positive thinking minds was led by an exceptional french shaper who loves this challenge: Axel Lorentz.

The scale replica of a beer bottle and a can has been one of the most difficult challenges Axel and the rest of the team has ever been assigned to in their lives.

Cutting the foam by hand, adding the minimum rocker, placing the fins correctly, glassing, sanding, and making the surfboard usable with the exact same look as the original mini-can and mini-bottle has proven that even the most impossible custom order may be built.

Learn how to shape a surfboard.

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