Swedish surfers against end of Mölle's wave

February 15, 2008 | Surfing
Molle wave in Sweden

The Swedish surfers, in association with the Swedish Surfing Association, will protest against the plan to destroy a special point for all surfers of the region.

The action will take place on the 13th March. It's one of Sweden's best waves in the harbor of Mölle on the west coast of Skåne, South of Sweden.

The harbor will build wave stoppers to stop the waves to disturb the guests who are parking their million-dollar boats there.

Due to lack of money, it seems that they will not build as their original plan.

They say that the new plan of wave stoppers will not harm our waves, but we are not sure about that as we don't know who they have asked or if they have done the right investigations about waves and surfing.

Jonas Lilja has started a club called "Skånes Vågsurfare" to work with this matter.

Source: Swedish Surfing Association