The 2009 ISA World Surfing Games begin in Costa Rica

July 31, 2009 | Surfing

2009 ISA World Surfing Games

The International Surfing Association welcomed more than 34 nations to the World Surfing games today in Costa Rica at a press conference hosted by a panel of participants and organizers.

Australia’s Mick Campbell, an ASP professional surfer ranked 13th in the world and ISA Gold Medalist in 1998, California’s Courtney Conlogue, a Silver Medalist and winner of last week’s US Open, Costa Rica prodigy Carlos Muñoz who recently won the Open, Junior and Under 16 division in the National Surfing Tour and Sofia Mulanovich, 2004 ISA and ASP World Champion, were among the famous stars leading the press conference.

They all spoke of the country´s beauty, and the excitement they felt competing in ISA events in the past. Seated along side them was the President of the ISA, Fernando Aguerre, the President of the Costa Rican Surfing Federation and Billabong´s Latin America representative Chris Evans.

“All the members of the panel very happy to be part of an event in the warm water and perfect Costa Rican waves,’ said Fernando Aguerre, the ISA President, "This is the first time a World Surfing Games has been held in Central America, we have been all over the globe, but never here. Being in Costa Rica is amazing.”

"I am really very glad to be here in Costa Rica,” commented Sofia Mulanovich, the 2004 ISA and ASP World Champion. “The truth is that generally I choose the countries I like when I compete in an ISA contest. It is always a joy to be in Latin countries. I love Costa Rica, the people are beautiful and Pura vida!”

Mulanovich also highlighted how important was to her career the fact of having won the 2004 edition of the Games by saying: “Winning the ISA gold medal in Ecuador five years ago gave me a really strong push and confidence to be able to later win the ASP World Tour, in that same year. I love being on an ISA event and I will try my best to repeat the Gold Medal.”

“It is a real pleasure to be able to host these championships, since they are considered the “Olympics of the Surfing,” said Jose Ureña, the President of the of Costa Rican Surfing Federation. “I want to publicly thank Billabong and the ISA, since without them it had been really impossible to even dream of this event. And now we have it here, where everything we want to share it with the world we can – to show how agreeable Costa Rica is and how to enjoy to the maximum all Costa Rica has to offer.”

“This is one of the only opportunities to see the best competitors from each country surfing for their flags and the pride of being members in their national surfing teams” concluded Fernando Aguerre as the conference closed. “This is a rare chance, one that we all love about surfing, to enjoy this special experience together. I invite them all to enjoy it.”

Perfect waves welcomed the surfers of more than 30 countries on the last few days. Fore specialists have announced the arrival of a new south swell that will keep the action up for the days to come.

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