Haydenshapes: the interactive online custom surfboard designer works pretty well

The concept is not new, but Haydenshapes has launched an efficient interactive online custom surfboard designer.

The internet has allowed surfboard shapers to reach a wider audience. In the past 15 years, multiple attempts have been made to "shape" the perfect surfboard website. Many have failed to deliver a comfortable experience.

Buying a surfboard is something surfers typically prefer to do in a surf shop.

They need to touch it, feel it, and visualize how boards will perform under their feet. But times are changing, and so do the technologies.

Haydenshapes improved the digital custom surfboard order with the details that matter. If we're paying $1000 for a surfboard, we need, at least, to be able to select different shapes, sizes, and fin setups.

"Surfboards are more than shape, and the dimensions and construction all play a key part in the design process. HS Studio draws from a database of more than 15,000 custom surfboard specifications based on the Haydenshapes model range," explains Hayden Cox, founder of HS.

"As users input their personal data, it selects dimensions based on their height/weight varying to suit certain board model types. It also allows a certain level of freedom for surfers to make specific dimensional tweaks with live board volume updates to match their preferences and needs without changing or affecting the performance of the board."

The variables are immense: EPS or PE, foam density, lamination, length, width, thickness, fins technology, artwork, finish, logos, etc.

You just have to pick the right specifications for your taste and surfing experience.

We still don't have a shaping bay in front of our eyes, but this is clearly the largest step toward absolute customization.

The responsive, pinch, and zoom 360-degree online board builder by HS is the new standard.

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