The Aureus: a 24-karat gold surfboard | Photo: Lux Surfboards

British shaper Ellie Miller teamed up with gilding artist Danni Bradford to create the world's first 24-karat gold surfboard. Only one surfer will have the opportunity to own "The Aureus."

Can a surfboard be considered a piece of jewelry? Lux Surfboards has literally transformed a shortboard into a precious piece of jewelry.

But make no mistake: this is a real and functional surfboard, and it is worth £125,000.

The one-off, limited edition golden 6'8'' surfboard is hand-gilded with a triple 24-karat gold leaf, a 24-karat gold fiberglass fin, and a 24-carat gold Lux Surfboards logo.

And, for those who don't know, 24 karats gold means pure gold.

"The Aureus" was inspired by the surfboards of the 1970s, and it was shaped in a small studio somewhere in North Devon, England.

The Aureus: a golden ride | Photo: Lux Surfboards

Ellie Miller is one of the few female shapers in Europe.

"Gold inspired man to create art for thousands of years, and gilding something with gold always reveals its true nature," underlined Miller.

"I feel the lavish use of 24-karat gold leaf throughout enhances the subtle wave of the fiberglass and imbues the curves of the board with a delicate luminosity."

Lux will likely continue to shape out-of-the-box surfboards which reflect and include surfing heritage's DNA, futuristic designs, and traditional craftsmanship.

Are silver and bronze ready to make waves?

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