Padang Padang: the Balinese Pipeline

It's one of the most beautiful surfing barrels in the world. The so-called "Balinese Pipeline" is, at the same time, the best and most popular wave in Bali, Indonesia.

Welcome to surfers' heaven. This is it - pure stoke all around you.

Enjoy the sights and take note: Padang Padang might be firing green barrels, but the ocean floor is not that friendly. This wave deserves respect.

Indonesia's premium tube riding experience can be quite picky.

Only the bravest Indian Ocean swells will transform Padang Padang into a world-class coral reef break.

That could be good news in case you're a beginner-to-intermediate surfer.

Padang Padang does not allow critical mistakes. The take-off spot is also quite demanding. You'll have to fine-tune it to discover its full potential.

As the barrel grinds its way into a deep water channel, make sure not to fall off over the sharp reef.

Wipeouts here are dangerous and, sometimes, will send you to the nearest hospital.

Padang Padang: a sacred place for several reasons

A Sacred Sanctuary

Padang Padang, originally named Labuan Sait, was a sacred place for the people of the Bukit Peninsula and Pecatu area, so surfers are responsible for protecting it.

Interestingly, the real Padang Padang Beach is located less than a mile south, right before Uluwatu.

But the surfers' gem is clearly visible from space - a long left-hand barreling machine traveling more than a mile along the coastline.

With southeast trades blowing over favorable swells, you just have to wait for the mid-to-high tide to hit the surf.

Padang Padang's best wave conditions range between six and twelve feet.

Between May and October, you will definitely taste Bali's queen of the waves. There's no way you'll miss it.

Respect the locals, avoid river mouths, drink only bottled water, and forget wetsuits.

Padang Padang is an extreme surfing experience.

Prepare for the barrel of your dreams, the wipeout of a lifetime, the first broken surfboard of your career, or for a few painful stitches.

Nature decides for you.

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