Barton Lynch Pro Surfing: the new video game for PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox | Photo: BLPS

"Barton Lynch Pro Surfing" is the latest addition to the list of wave-riding video game titles.

Every time a surfing video game is announced, the expectations are high.

Why? Because they're rare and never quite meet the standards set in 2002 when "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer" saw the light of day.

Although there are hardcore fans of "Sunny Garcia Surfing" and "Transworld Surf," the PlayStation 2 game named by the greatest competitive surfer of all time still dominates the preferences.

"Barton Lynch Pro Surfing" is the first PlayStation 5 game featuring surfing and follows the somehow bland "Surf World Series" for PlayStation 4.

They both have the arcade-style feel in common that makes surfing feel more like skateboarding and less about riding a wave.

But that, also, is a matter of preference.

"Barton Lynch Pro Surfing" is obviously endorsed and backed up by the 1988 ASP World Tour champion, Barton Lynch, and developed by the Australian software house Bungarra.

Bungarra is not new to surfing games. In 2012, they released "The Surfer" for PlayStation 3 and PC.

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing: ride waves at some of the world's best surf breaks | Photo: BLPS

Premium Surf Spots

"Barton Lynch Pro Surfing" takes players on a global quest to tackle Earth's most exotic surfing locations.

And all from the comfort of your living room.

For many, the dream is to go head-to-head with the world's elite surfers at legendary spots. The game features several well-known surf breaks:

  • Aileen's;
  • Hossegor;
  • Jaws;
  • Jeffreys Bay;
  • Manly;
  • Margaret River;
  • Mundaka;
  • Pipeline;
  • Saquarema;
  • Snapper Rocks;
  • Trestles;
  • Tokyo;

Ultimately, the goal is to turn the dream of riding world-class waves into a pixel-perfect reality.

Through an expansive world tour complete with a detailed leaderboard and riveting sports commentary, players can feel the adrenaline of chasing waves and trophies.

Not a fan of competition? No worries.

You can simply free surf the breathtaking locations, riding waves as they barrel, peak, or even crumble to foam.

Bungarra tries to make the most out of the graphics technology available to date, bringing waves to life in a way that will leave gamers stoked and glued to the wireless controller.

It's up to you to judge the quality of the visuals and the overall feel and physics of the ride.

The game's pump control allows players to harness the power of each wave, gaining speed and unlocking spectacular moves.

As the developers say, "More speed = more moves."

Whether you're carving up a wave, launching into the air, or getting supremely barreled, this game aims to capture the essence of surfing.

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing: players can customize the conditions using the weather tool | Photo: BLPS

Featuring Real Surfers

But what's a surfing game without the stars? Players can step into the shoes of the following contemporary surfing icons:

  • Yago Dora;
  • Clay Marzo;
  • Nathan Florence;
  • Soli Bailey;
  • Mahina Maeda;
  • Vahine Fierro;
  • Felicity Palmateer;
  • Barton Lynch;

At the heart of the action stands the legendary world champion, coach, and commentator Barton Lynch, lending the game an air of authenticity.

Soli Bailey: 'Barton Lynch Pro Surfing' features an in-depth character creator where you can play as a pro, or create yourself | Photo: BLPS

The Weather Tool

Career mode offers a single-player experience that simulates the challenges and thrills of climbing the world rankings.

Online leaderboards also allow friends to compete in friendly rivalries.

Players must balance finances, equipment, health, and performance as they strive for the top spot.

Adding an innovative twist, "Barton Lynch Pro Surfing" introduces a unique weather tool, allowing players to modify surf conditions in real time.

Imagine sculpting the perfect wave or perhaps confronting the challenge of messy conditions with heavy cross-shore winds.

It's all possible with the game's magical meteorological hand.

For those who enjoy a personal touch, customization is vast.

Players can fine-tune their surfer's appearance while adjusting equipment specifications - from wetsuits and board shapes to the nuanced details of board tails and fins.

As a nod to the surfing culture, renowned brands such as Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, Channel Islands, MR Surfboards, Lost, Pyzel, Vans, O'Neill, Creatures of Leisure, Futures Fins, and many more are all featured prominently.

A compelling soundtrack accentuates the gaming experience, with bands like Smoking Martha, Kilns, Oly Sherman, Wing Defence, Mesmeriser, and Bad Pony setting the mood.

Will "Barton Lynch Pro Surfing" raise the bar and push surfing video games to new heights? Hit "play" and judge for yourself.

The video game is available on PS5, PC (Steam), and Xbox on November 17, 2023.

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