The best and most useful surf accessories

Surf accessories: gear and tools every surfer needs

When we need a wax comb, fin keys, a waterproof key case or a poncho towel, we never seem to have it. Discover the small surf accessories we should have in our surfing box.

When the old wax in our surfboards gets really dark, we don't own a wax remover. When we break a surf fin and we need to replace it, we don't own a fin key.

So, what small and useful surf accessories should we have? Take a look at indispensable surf gear that we never remember, only when we really need it:

"RinseKit Portable Sprayer" is your perfect surf shower for cold water days. It provides up to four minutes of steady and satisfying water pressure. Only $79.

"Witz Surfsafe Waterproof Sports Case" is the ideal way to keep your ID, drivers license, credit cards, car keys and cash safe and secure while surfing. Only $7.

"Doc's Pro Plugs" are the best surf ear plugs in the market. They protect from exostosis by keeping cold water out of the ear canal. Only $17.

Doc's Pro Plugs: the best surf ear plugs in the market

"Sticky Bumps Wax Box & Comb" will store and protect your new wax bars, and will help you remove old grip. Only $6.

"Master Lock" is the ultimate solution to outdoor key storage during surfing activities. It can be placed on your vehicle for easy access without fear of theft. Only $20.

"O'Neill Wetsuit Cleaner And Conditioner" is the perfect option to safely clean your neoprene gear. Only $17.

"Metal Surfboard Wall Rack" is the best way of storing surfboards on your wall. This rack can be mounted anywhere in a few minutes. Only $69.

"HexaTraction Board Grip" is a smart alternative to wax. These easy-to-install adhesives provide all the grip you need, and you won't need wax anymore. Yours for $69.

HexaTraction Board Grip: a smart alternative to wax

"FCS Poncho Changing Towel" is the perfect option for you to get into and out of your surf and swimwear discreetly. Make changing in public places easy and comfortable. Only $58.

"HangAir Drying for Wetsuits" uses a high-power waterproof fan to completely dry and ventilate suits of all kinds rapidly. Only $56.

"Creatures of Leisure Wetsuit Change Mat" allows you to change in and out of your wet gear on the durable polyester mat. Then use the drawstring system and convert into a wet bag. Only $29.

"FCS II Compatibility Kit" were created to to fill the gap between the front tab of the original, dual tab FCS fin and the front of the FCS II plug front slot. Only $9.

"FCS Stainless Steel Fin Screws" are great for replacing lost fin screws and also for keeping as a spare in case of loss. Only $8.

"FCS Ratchet Tool" is the surfer's dream solution for switching fins. Get seven stainless steel bit attachments into one convenient tool. Only $16.

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The surf accessories review has been updated on February 1, 2018.