Tsunami: this wedding is being threatened by big wave surfers

Surfing has always been a sport of striking pictures but, from time to time, the digital age has tried to manipulate waves, surfers, and oceans. Welcome to "The Photoshopped Surf Series," curated by SurferToday.

Discover the greatest photoshopped surf photos of all time. But beware. There are incredible disasters, and they may offend a few surfers and designers.

Sharks eating surfers, tsunamis of trash, surfing statues, surfers riding roads, horses on surfboards, and giant waves in the River Thames.

When Photoshop experts decide to show all their graphic skills, the result can be a total disaster or an impressive work of art.

Even the worst image manipulation can be fun. Mastering the art of failure also requires creativity and boldness.

What's your favorite photoshopped surfing picture?

Shore Breaks: perfect waves in shallow waters

Tsunami and Floater: a city near extinction and a suicide windsurfer

Tsunami: surfers were afraid of this one

Tsunami: boats try to hit the curl

Asphalt and horses: creative ways of selling products

River Thames: who said there are no waves in London?

City lakes: example of an outdoor wave pool

Roads: wrong-way surfing


Goose and drinks: training floaters and drinking liquors

Trash wave: pollution is getting serious

Statue and actress: art rips but Scarlett Johansson doesn't

Sharks: they will boost your ride

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