Surfing posters: promoting Hawaii with style and grace

Surfing posters have been designed to communicate the spirit of the sport and the matchless surfer's lifestyle. Who doesn't own a surf print?

Surf posters are everywhere. In the young surfer's bedroom, in the streets of Malibu, and in the palm trees of Hawaii.

We call them surf art, too. In many cases, surfing posters are portraits of a generation. Today, vintage surf posters are again very popular.

Back in the 1960s, hundreds of multinational brands started using surfing as a vehicle to reach their consumers.

You could be selling a surfboard, promoting a surf movie, or an exotic surfing beach destination. Airline companies promoted themselves through surfing, too.

There are thousands of surfing posters available online.

From retro chick prints to classic pin-up frames, the message is simple: smile, you're a surfer; enjoy the lifestyle, you're a surfer.

Take a look at some of the best examples of surf posters, or buy surfing prints online.

Surfing poster: Steamer Lane in cartoon mode

Surfing poster: surfer girls inside

Surfing poster: Hawaii, the Mecca for surfers

Surfing poster: The Endless Summer prints

Surfing poster: young soul surfer

Surfing poster: two different warnings

Surfing poster: Steamer Lane craziness

Surfing poster: Hawaii and party time

Surfing poster: Big Wednesday and Ditch Plains

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