Surfing: there's nothing like study and practice

Ever thought of asking for admission to an MBA in surfing? Would you imagine yourself at the Surfing University?

Nowadays, you can develop your academic knowledge in wave riding science via several postgraduate studies, from Europe to Australia.

There are several university programs for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, and bodyboarders.

In the end, you will be able, for instance, to design and manufacture board fins based on the principles of aerodynamics.

Here are some of the finest postgrad surfing studies in the world:

Plymouth University, United Kingdom

  • Where: Plymouth, United Kingdom;
  • What: BSc (Hons) in Surf Science and Technology;
  • How: This course provides an opportunity for those with an interest in surfing to pursue the rigorous academic study of the scientific, technical, and business aspects of the international surfing industry.Each year of the course is complemented with opportunities for practical surfing;

The University has close links with the British Surfing Association (BSA).

As part of the Surf Science and Technology degree, you will have the opportunity to complete your BSA level 1 and 2 coaching qualifications.

The opportunity to complete the NARS Beach lifeguard qualification is also provided at level 1.

The course has a duration of three years full-time.

Southern Cross University, Australia

  • Where: Tweed Heads, Australia;
  • What: Diploma of Sport Management (Surfing Studies) HOW: Combine your passion for surfing with an exciting career;
  • How: The Diploma of Sport Management (Surfing Studies) was developed in response to industry demand and in conjunction with Surfing Australia to provide the knowledge and skills required of employees and managers in the expanding global surf industry;

The Diploma of Sport Management (Surfing Studies) also provides a pathway to the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science.

Edith Cowan University, Australia

  • Where: Margaret River, Australia;
  • What: Bachelor of Science (Surf Science and Technology);
  • How: This three-year full-time or equivalent part-time degree offered by ECU South West provides an opportunity for individuals with an interest in surfing to pursue the scientific, business, and technological aspects of the surf industry;

Students acquire the skills necessary for management in this diverse, expanding, and exciting industry.

Subject areas considered include ocean sciences, materials technology, event management, human performance, and business studies, together with units of study associated with the surfing genre.

This course is available in full-time or part-time mode.

Universidade de Sao Paulo, Escola de Educação Física e Esporte da USP, Brazil

  • Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil;
  • What: Surfing Administration, Marketing and Business Management;
  • How: The two-month course "Surfing: Administration, Marketing and Business Management" promises to gather the best names of the Brazilian surf industry in a complete lesson kit;

The MBA of Portuguese-speaking surfers features several interesting dossiers.

History of the surfing market, managing surf companies, marketing in surfing, events, and sponsorships, surf publishing, surfing legislation, and surf retail.

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